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Oz Sailors Thank You Statement

A brief statement from 2024 Hustle Award Recipient Oz Sailors.


2024 Hustle Award Finalist Spotlight (and Winner)

The International Women’s Baseball Center announced the winner of the 2024 Hustle Award during their Founders Day celebration.


IWBC Welcomes Project Coordinator

In conjunction with restructuring in early 2023, Ryan Woodward joins the staff as a Project Coordinator in Rockford.


Hustle Award Spotlight

The IWBC highlights the work of the 2023 nominees.


2023 New Year Announcement

The IWBC announces a structural change to ring in the new year.


Women in Baseball Heritage Trail

A new project launched by Women in Baseball Week hopes to map important sites and collections of women in baseball.


IWBC Announces Hustle Award

In honor of the dedication of Founder Shirley Burkovich, the IWBC plans to honor other people doing similar work in women’s baseball advocacy.

Prime’s A League of Their Own to have a Rockford Premiere

In conjunction with the LOTO30 Celebration, a premiere of the new series will take place in Rockford.


A League of Their Own 30th Anniversary Celebration

A schedule of events for the LOTO30 celebration put on by the IWBC.


Book Review : Making My Pitch

Ryan Woodward reviews Ila Borders’s memoir.


Happy Anna May Day : Filling the Gaps

A brief 500 words to tell the story of Anna May Hutchinson, an update to the IWBC Sponsorship of her getting into the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.


Community Archives

IWBC Archivist, Kate Haines, discusses their approach to archives and provides updates on the IWBC collections.


IWBC Sponsors Hutchinson

The IWBC sponsored Anna May Hutchinson in a bid for the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.