On February 22, 2014, a group of women gathered in California, and over pizza and beer, dreamed up an organization that would both preserve the past and promote the future of girls and women in baseball. Over the past 9 years, IWBC has held symposia, sponsored tournaments (including the Women’s Baseball World Cup), and hosted the largest all-female baseball tournaments in U.S. history. As our dream of a museum and education center is becoming a reality, we invite you to join us in creating A Place of Their Own for women and girls in all areas of baseball.

Stepping up to the Sport

Highlights of our past events, activities, and celebrations include:

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Women’s Baseball Symposium: 2014 (Louisville, KY)

Baseball For All Nationals Tournament

Ruth Hartman Memorial Baseball Clinic: 2016 (Reading, PA)

International Women’s Baseball Center Dedication at Beyer Park: 2016 (Rockford, IL)

Women in Baseball Week: 2017-present

Rockford Peaches 75th Anniversary: 2018 (Rockford, IL)

Women’s Baseball World Cup

Penny Marshall Celebration: 2019 (Rockford, IL)

SABR & IWBC Women in Baseball Conference

A League of Their Own 30th Anniversary Celebration: 2022 (Rockford, IL)