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Be aware that due to copyright, some items may not be available to view digitally. 

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May Highlight

From the Archivist’s April trip to Rockford:

        –Check out updates to the Helmer Collection!

        –Keep an eye out for social media, blogs, and page updates about new

          items the Archivist interacted with.

        –Keep an eye out on our YouTube Channel and Gallery pages for updates

          regarding work at Beyer and archive work completed!


Our Archivist is working even more sporadically this May, so updates may end up taking more time than they intended. Just keep checking back! We’ll get caught up when we can.


What are we working on?

Our Archivist spent a week in Rockford this April working through collections, meeting with contacts, and getting a plan for future projects and preservation work.

The Archivist has largely digitized the Helmer Collection, although there is still some work to do there. They also have worked on processing and organizing the Shirley Burkovich Collection and photographing the SPoRT Makeup Collection. Information on both these collections are forthcoming.

The Archivist continues to engage with the Museum Committee to move work forward, plan future projects, and set policies for a brick-and-mortar location.

Our processed collections do not reflect the breadth of our items. Please bear with us as our volunteers continue to work and provide access to our collections and items in a preservable and conservable way.